Completed Building Projects

Besser Blocks Retaining Wall:

This job was a lengthy process. First, I needed heavy machinery to dig – this is an efficient method to get the job completed accurately and promptly. A solid foundation always ensures longevity! That is why every second bessa block has a 20mm steel reo rod drilled as joinery, finished with core fill to ensure sturdiness. To finalise the construction, drainage was installed behind the wall, the foreground was backfilled and the header course of the wall was attached with concrete.  See below for photos of this process.


Black Butt Hardwood Deck:

This job was not as simple to complete as it may look due to the hardwood joints and bearers. It took two weeks to complete this project, involving removing the old treated pine decking timber, planning and measuring the new deck, executing the construction and staining and varnishing the finished product. See below for pictures.


Trapezoid Pergola/Entertainment Area:

This was a complex job. In order to get the correct angle for the header beam, I needed to calculate a 5% gradient to eliminate water pooling. For roofing, I alternated between colourbond and corrugated iron sheets to create adequate lighting. See below for pictures.


To complete this under-cover area, I installed lights, form work and concreting.